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    Access Control Systems

    access control system keypad entryAt Automatic Gates and Access Control we don't just supply and install access control systems, we provide access control solutions! Depending on the amount of security you need for a particular area, we provide a wide range of customizable solutions to control access to your property and maintain a level of security.

    At Automatic Gates and Access Control, we specialize in access control systems for gated areas. Whether you want to control access to your home with a remote controlled residential gate or reduce risk by limiting access to designated areas of your business, Automatic Gates and Access Control has all of your entry management and access control needs covered.


    Keypads require a unique combination of buttons pressed to deactivate an electric strike or magnetic lock. Key pads allow access without the necessity of carrying keys, cards, or any other type of product. They can also be programmed to alert you after a certain number of incorrect key strikes are attempted.

    Card Readers

    Card Readers themselves have internal memory for storing information like biometric data or access codes. They can be contact smart cards or non-contact, or contactless smart cards. Contact smart cards need to be swiped, while contactless smart cards don’t even need to be removed from a wallet or purse to be used.

    Transmitters (Clickers)

    Transmitters, or “clickers,” are one of the most popular methods of access control for gate openers. Transmitters are easily added to a key chain or clipped to the visor of a car and allow users to open and close a gate with the push of a button.

    Keyless Entry

    Installing a Keyless Entry System in your home business or industrial complex can greatly decrease your access control problems.  Instead of issuing a key for every person that needs to get on and off a property you can assign an individual fob or key code, thus allowing for easier/more streamlined access control.  With the peace of mind form knowing your keys will not be lost or stolen you can forget the headache that comes from issuing countless keys to numerous people.

    Other Forms of Access Control We Install

    • access control system wireless keypad entry system

      Telephone Entry
    • Intercom Systems
    • Barcode Readers
    • Keyless Button Entry
    • Vehicle Recognition Systems (Proximity Readers)
    • Magnetic Strip Readers
    • Biometric Readers
    • Smart Card/Credit Card Readers


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